Orthopaedics In Northampton

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Personal Orthopaedics

From trauma, to sports injuries, arthritis, or chronic pain, we can all have different reasons for seeking orthopaedic treatment. Together with our individual needs they should lead to tailored solutions, such as the diverse care available with modern:

Knee Surgery

Restoring Hip Movement

Around 650 hip replacement operations take place in Northampton each year, with far more in the surrounding county. They are a unique way of restoring movement after trauma, or degenerative change, with individually chosen implants used for effective:

Hip Surgery

Treating Sports Injuries

Our musculosketetal system and major joints form the powerhouse which drives our body during sports. Supportive elements within the knee are particularly vulnerable to injury and tears, yet so much can be achieved by careful keyhole surgery:

Ligament Repair

Experience & Excellence Matter

Jason Auld orthopaedic consultant

Jason Auld trained in the UK in Oxford, with further subspecialist training in Sydney, Australia, he has a wide experience of traumatic and degenerative conditions affecting the hip and knee joints.

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Inclusive Treatment

High quality total, or partial joint replacement is a safe cornerstone of orthopaedics, along with other forms of surgery. This does not mean every patient should be sent on a surgical route, when a fair proportion can be treated without surgery. A combination of well placed hydrocortisone injections and physiotherapy can offer a cure through:

Medical Facilities

Patient safety has to be the first consideration in selecting any medical facility, along with the right facilities to ensure good treatment. Our orthopaedic consultations, or treatment take place at a hospital which is proud to provide both and is based in Northampton. See more on a medical centre focused on improving patients lives:

Reduced Downtime

Significant orthopaedic surgery brings a need for recovery time but the days when hip, or knee replacement meant a 7 day hospital stay are behind us. With the right approach, the timescale can be improved to you being out of hospital the day after surgery, by using the latest techniques and focusing each step of a patient's journey on: